Active in the dairy industry for over 50 years,
Anelli srl has been the first company in Italy to introduce
the use of plastic moulds in dairies, reason why
we can proudly define it a pioneer in this field.

Nowadays, Anelli srl produces more than 300 different types
of items, regarding cheese moulds, ricotta baskets, bands
and brands. In accordance with current CE and International regulations,
ANELLI SRL only uses first quality raw material to safeguard
its own name, reputation and its costumers.

The strength of Anelli srl lies in customers’ awareness
of its reliability and expertise, and in the company’s ability
to meet all requirements with great competence.
Anelli srl must thank its founder LUIGI ANELLI, shining example
of tenacious and strong-willed entrepreneur.
In the 50s he gave up a prestigious career as executive manager
in order to create his own business, and thanks to his strong
and original personality he succeeded in funding Anelli srl.

This was the very beginning of a rapid and innovative career
as "pioneer in the field of plastic cheese moulds”
With his caring and prompt Attitude, Mr. Anelli has always been able
to meet the most diverse needs of dairy factories,
anticipating progress with innovative solutions.

LUIGI ANELLI fully realized his potential as pioneer,
gaining high esteem and consideration in the dairy sector.
Forerunner of progress, he left to his heirs a legacy of experience
infused with high creative values
Anelli srl is always at the forefront of the search for new solutions
to meet customers’ needs.
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